Joseph Saucedo, Technical Associate
President, Orion Quality Consultants International, Inc.
BSME, Professional Mechanical Engineer

Joseph Saucedo is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of machinery for soft drink and brewery industries and the manufacturing of pressure vessels made of stainless steel and glass steel reactors for the pharmaceutical industry. He received his BSME in Engineering in Mexico. Joseph has served as Senior Engineer and Production Manager for The Coca-Cola Company�s concentrate plant in Atlanta where he received the prestigious The Coca-Cola Company PMDP (Production Management Development Program) Award. He has served as Director of Operations in bottling plants and in several other industrial plants. Joseph has vast experience in Industrial Engineering, including the management of Six Sigma installations. Due to his experience in an array of industries, Mr. Saucedo is able to discover areas of opportunity and in many instances apply �cross pollination� solutions based on similar concepts and situations as well as in statistical evidence. Mr. Saucedo is a fellow member of APICS.







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